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McCabe & Sons, Inc.

Danville, VT

McCabe & Sons is a small, family-owned manufacturing company that produces water-level and gasoline-level indicator pastes. We have domestic and international customers that primarily service the petroleum and petro-chemical industries.

Started in 1939 by the current owner's great-grandfather, the McCabe family sells its products to customers all across the United States and across the world, including Canada, Russia, Turkey, Korea, Spain and the Netherlands. The products are used in fuel tanks to determine the level of gasoline and the presence of water in the tanks.

McCabe & Sons Water Level Indicator Paste and Gasoline Level Indicator Paste are sold in 3-ounce jars, are very reasonably priced and the jars, even at that size, are said to last forever.

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McCabe & Sons, Inc.

Brud & Laura McCabe
771 Clark Road
Danville, VT 05828
Phone: 802-748-6840
Fax: 802-748-6841

771 Clark Road

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