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Sweet Seasons Farm & Artisan Confections

St. Johnsbury, VT

"Born in VT" organic fruit, herbs, tea for u-pick, farm stand, fruit club customers.  Unique & exquisite confections pairing European Couverture chocolate with fresh fruit, nuts & herbs.  Host private "Art of Chocolate" events and on farm organic growing worshops.  Online store:

Our Farm:

​In 2006, we began farming in Saint Johnsbury, VT with the intent to take a chance at partnering with God, (The Great Organic Farmer who is rich in knowledge, wisdom, love and who generously shares these attributes with anyone who is willing to receive.) It is our desire to raise nutrient dense and clean foods on a small scale. Our crops are for anyone who places high value on "Beyond Organic" and Naturally Grown foods! We admire our customers & friends who seek to understand and appreciate all the hard work and expense involved in 'Beyond Organic' and Natural growing methods. We so enjoy sharing with you what we learn on the farm. So, follow us on Facebook for up-to-date farm happenings.

What We Grow:

​Organic, Certified Naturally Grown: Sweet Seasons Farm has been following the National Organic Program (NOP) since 2006. However, our certification is: "Certified Naturally Grown" (CNG). CNG, a grass-root organization seeking to support small/medium U.S. Farms. They raise the bar, beyond the NOP, so that their growers produce top quality, healthy, and safe Non-gmo crops. Check them out at:

Organic (cng) Heirloom Apples & Pear ---

Organic (cng) Blueberries ---

Organic (cng) Peppermint ---

Organic (cng) Raspberries ---

Organic (cng) Strawberries ---

Organic (cng) Hazelnuts --- (Crop is in 'Test' phase of growth)

​Our Confections & Teas:

​Our confections, Apple Butter & Teas are an extension of the farm's mission. Fruit, Nuts, Spices & Herbs we cannot grow in Vermont are sourced from as many U.S. family farms as possible. We seek farmers who share in our mission to follow genuine organic / natural growing practices.

Creating authentic confections rich in whole fruit, nut, spice and cacao without added sugar, preservatives, additives, extracts, flavorings, etc, is our specialty. We take great pleasure in the art of "handcrafting" - from hand cutting, zesting and drying fresh fruit and spices for the ganache and garnishes to controlling flavor profiles by roasting and salting raw nuts.

The principle of growing non-gmo crops is continued as we seek to gather non-gmo ingredients to make our confections. For example, Lundberg Family Farm's Certified Organic Brown Rice Syrup is used in small amounts in our toffee and caramel - a much healthier alternative to gmo derived corn syrup.

Fine European Couverture Chocolate is preferred because of the higher quality Criollo and Trinitario cacao beans, higher cacao butter content with less sugar/milk. Our chocolate makers go to great lengths to ensure that the superior standards established for their luxurious Couverture are achieved with each batch we purchase.

For those with dietary restrictions, here is some encouraging information... We work with 70- 90% Dark Couverture, unsalted nuts, no sugar added organic fruit, etc. Many of our confections are made with VEGAN ingredients. Always select 70% Dark Chocolate when purchasing Chocolate Barks, Fruit & Nut Clusters, Chocolate Bars or Chocolate Covered Fruit for a VEGAN friendly confection. Even though our kitchen is not certified gluten free, all of our confections contain absolutely no gluten, with the only exception of our chocolate dipped cookies.

Visit our Facebook page often where we blog about the farm and chocolate confectionery along with 'looking glass' educational snippets to learn more about the importance of where and how all our foods are grown. So, relax and enjoy your cup of Raspberry Leaf Tea while eating a Black Forest Raspberry Truffle knowing that Sweet Seasons Farm is passionately devoted to growing clean, nutrient dense crops and creating decadent, healthier confections for you, your family & friends!

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