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Ziplocal (formerly PDC Pages)

West Lebanon, NH

For local businesses across the United States who need customers to find them no matter how they’re searching, Ziplocal is the advertising platform that delivers results.
Unlike online search engines or traditional print directories, Ziplocal works in all the ways customers work – online, mobile, print and more — and in local markets.
Ziplocal also provides advertising experts to help local businesses most effectively allocate their marketing dollars and drive leads.
• Full search engine packages ensure you get found where your customers are looking.
• Rich websites and social media packages: photos, videos, slideshows and more.
• Free iPhone, iPad and Android apps featuring local information everywhere you search.

• Text and voice search for listings, videos, photos, maps, bookings and more.
• Trusted coverage where your customers expect to find you — always available.
• For 40+ years we’ve helped small businesses in over 2/3 of the U.S. create leads.

This listing appears in these categories: Advertising,Marketing,Phone Books,Telecommunications

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Ziplocal (formerly PDC Pages)

Susanna Culver
17 Interchange Drive, Building 2
West Lebanon, NH 03784
Phone: 603-298-0566
Toll Free: 800-228-0801
Fax: 603-298-0565

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17 Interchange Drive

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