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Applied Mindfulness Training

Barnet, VT


Applied Mindfulness brings the benefits of meditation into everyday life. Mindfulness meditation and other contemplative practices have been shown to help reduce pain and manage stress and anxiety. But the advantages don't stop there.

Mindfulness brings clarity, creativity and flexibility into the workplace. Custom-tailored programs can help the people in your organization develop communication skills, stay balanced in challenging situations and discover fresh approaches to difficult problems.

Applied Mindfulness Training will design a program to support the people in your organization. Let us show you how mindfulness-based practices can help you, and those you work with, develop better communication, attention, and leadership skills, stay balanced in challenging situations, and discover fresh approaches to negotiation and collaboration.

Our trainings offer a nonsectarian approach to meditation practice, one designed to help people become more undistractedly present in any activity. When applying mindfulness, the qualities of focus and presence cultivated in meditation carry over into everyday life. In the workplace, this means greater clarity, creativity, and flexibility in handling tasks and relating with others and dealing with the challenges of stress, anxiety and multitasking.

 "I attended a workshop at my organization that was very helpful in encouraging members of our organization to take a step back, breathe, and focus on our mission to create healthy and vital communities while helping us avoid getting caught in the hurly-burly stress of our fast-paced work environment. Their techniques helped me to refocus and create a more productive, meaningful pace for meeting my goals."

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