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Barnet Tradepost Wellness Center-Janice Narey

Barnet, VT

Reiki, the art of healing with the hands, was founded by Mikao Usui in Japan in the 1920’s. Reiki is translated as: spiritually guided life force energy. This universal energy (Ki in Japanese) flows through all things. Practitioners of Reiki learn to channel and direct this energy to facilitate and empower the natural healing process.

How can Reiki help?

  • Reduces stress, bringing calm and relaxation
  • Eases pain
  • Enhances natural self-healing
  • Balances emotional issues
  • Supports mental health
  • Promotes energy flow

Janice Narey worked as a nurse for 34 years. In 2012, she obtained her Master of Science Degree in Nursing with a specialty in leadership and management. She worked at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center for over 28 years before retiring in 2016. 

Janice has been a Reiki practitioner since 2014. She has a Third Degree Reiki certification in Usui Shiki Ryoho and a Jikiden Reiki Shoden (Reiki I) certification. 

While working at DHMC, Janice was a Reiki volunteer for the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Code Lavender program, a program developed to provide support for the CHaD staff after they experienced stressful events.

She also provided Reiki support for other departments through events sponsored by the chaplaincy department. Janice is currently a Reiki volunteer at Norris Cotton Cancer Center North in St. Johnsbury, Vermont and is a partner in the Northeast Kingdom Reiki Collective in St. Johnsbury. 

Please contact the Barnet Tradepost Wellness Center to discuss your needs or to schedule an appointment with Janice.

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Barnet Tradepost Wellness Center-Janice Narey

Janice Narey
60 Monument Circle
Barnet, VT 05821
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 129
Barnet, VT 05821
Phone: 802-633-2700, ext. 3

60 Monument Circle

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