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Cabot Community Association

Cabot, VT


The Cabot Community Association is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that works with community members and community organizations to enhance the educational and recreational opportunities in Cabot and supports a strong local economy.


The Economic Development Workgroup seeks to support existing Cabot businesses, and encourage new ones. The Village Revitalization Strategy establishes a long-term approach to enhance the quality of life in Cabot by
enabling the community’s existing businesses to expand the market for their products, as well as encouraging
new producers and businesses to locate in Cabot. It also seeks to entice visitors to spend more time and
money in the Village.

This plan contains a detailed implementation plan to realize this vision, but the precise steps taken and the
order in which they are taken can and should be adjusted to fit the circumstances. In that sense, the plan is
simply a framework by which the community can encourage and support the work that is already underway
in Cabot


The Cabot Chronicle is a not-for-profit newspaper published by the Cabot Community Association, and is made possible by generous support from the Town of Cabot, advertisers and private donations.

The Cabot Chronicle is delivered free of charge to 1,500 households, and is the only local news source that reaches every household in Cabot and publishes content specifically for those residing in the greater Cabot area.

Please visit for information on advertising opportunities, submitting content, or out-of-area subscriptions.

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