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Everlasting Herb Farm

Peacham, VT

Everlasting Herb Farm makes premium, small-batch, organic, herbal skin-care products using many plants. Owner Wendy Mackenzie creates products for people who want healthy skin that feels great on many levels.

Her products begin with plants that have been grown sustainably and end up with a myriad of products that protect people, pollinators and the planet.

At Everlasting Farm, it creates herbal bodycare products for individuals, retailers and corporate gift giving. It fills orders large and small and can even make products for retailers wanting custom creations made with their own ideas, specific needs and private labels.

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Everlasting Herb Farm

Wendy Mackenzie
931 Greenbay Loop
Peacham, VT 05862
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 143
Peacham, VT 05862
Phone: 8025-592-3111

931 Greenbay Loop

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