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Life InSight Coaching & Consulting

St. Johnsbury, VT

I’m excited to present my new name and website. A friend helped me realize that my former name, Puma Consulting and Coaching, didn’t inform potential clients about me or my business. And now with more coaching and consulting experience as well, my current name does tell you about my business and how I engage with clients.

Here it is, Life InSight Coaching & Consulting.  Please check out my website at

As an associate credentialed coach (ACC from the International Coaching Federation), I help you find your own most suitable solutions when you’re going through any kind of transition, difficult situation or event, and then help you plan your best way to go forward.

For example, are you having difficulty with your boss? Or trying to figure out if you should move or not? Or trying to understand what the conflicts with your spouse are really about? I have helped clients with these issues and many others.

As a consultant, I facilitate meetings and help teams and organizations find their way through difficulties to work together for success.

Here are some examples:

  • Led focus groups to identify best possible changes to an organization.
  • Helped teams identify all the team responsibilities.
  • Map out the associated tasks and who will tackle them.
  • Interviewed members of a nonprofit to identify underlying issues.
  • Facilitated retreats to improve organizational function and cohesion.

I also enjoy offering workshops. Here are some that I have offered: managing transitions, improving teamwork and corporate culture. Others can be created to suit your needs.

We can meet in my office, on Zoom or on the phone. I am also offering  30-minute free consultations. You can learn more about coaching, how it works, and whether it would be beneficial for you.

Here is a summary of my services.

  • Coaching sessions.
  • Small-group coaching sessions.
  • Meeting and group facilitation.
  • Employee interview sessions.
  • Workshops.


“I just wanted to let everyone know how useful yesterday’s workshop on charting responsibilities was with Alice Kitchel. It really helped define our roles, answer questions and further clarify other questions. All in all, it was extremely fulfilling, we’re grateful for Alice’s patience, and we’re also looking forward to next week’s workshop. A huge thank you to the Board and staff for making this happen!”

- MacKenzie

“Alice’s coaching was a vital part of building my own business.  Though I had a business idea, Alice gave me the confidence and know-how that I needed to turn an idea into more than that.  I especially benefited from our one-on-one coaching sessions, which allowed me to look at my skills from a different point of view.  My experience with Alice was excellent, and I highly recommend her services!”

- Amber

Alice S. Kitchel, 802-684-3412                  



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Life InSight Coaching & Consulting

Alice S. Kitchel, ACC, Ph.D.
242 Eastern Ave.-Ste. 3
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 4224
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Phone: 802-684-3412

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242 Eastern Ave.-Ste. 3

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