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North Country Hospital

Newport, VT


North Country Hospital is where compassionate professionals, sophisticated technology and quality care come together for your well-being, in all stages of life.

A natural healing environment, North Country Hospital is located on 30 acres near an international lake and some of Vermont’s green mountains. It offers convenient care to the 27,000 residents in Orleans and North Essex County, as well as visitors who travel to enjoy the area’s recreational resources.

In its 100 years, the medical campus has grown to include a surgical suite, obstetrics and gynecology division, 24-hour emergency department, pediatrics ward, an intensive care unit, Medical/Surgical floor and branches for dialysis, orthopedics, neurology and sleep disorders, as well as areas for radiology, laboratory and physical therapy. In addition, services are provided at four rural health clinics and the Derby Green Nursing Home.

Our hospital meets the highest medical standards, and therefore is a provider for the Medicaid and Medicare programs.

As a private, non-profit community hospital, North Country is governed by volunteer members of the community serving on its Board of Trustees. Community is at the core of North Country Hospital’s existence and its commitment to partnering with others to provide the education and programs necessary to empower everyone to attain and maintain a healthy life.


Services include: 24-hour Emergency Department, Medical/Surgical Units, Intensive Care, Birthing Center, Breast Feeding & Childbirth Education, Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation Stress Testing, Clinical Dietitian, Community Resource Center Library, Diabetes Education, Dialysis, Digital Diagnostic Imaging & Mammography, MRI, CT Scanner, Bone Density, Ear Nose & Throat, Laboratory/Pathology EKG, Neurology EEG, Occupational Health Services, Oncology & Hematology, Occupational & Speech Therapy, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Pain Treatment Center, Physical Therapy, Pulmonary Health & Conditioning, Pulmonology, Respiratory Care, Sleep Lab, Social Services Support Groups, Surgical Services, Ultrasound, Visiting Physcians & Wellness Center.


Our Orthopaedic department here at North Country Hospital treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. These conditions may be present from birth, or they may occur as a result of injury or age-related wear and tear. We can help you regain their mobility and return to active, independent lives.


A sleep study provides valuable insight into the causes of a person’s symptoms including which, if any, sleep disorder is present. Sleep studies are also used in people diagnosed with sleep disorders to monitor their response to treatment.


North Country Hospital is a member of the American Hospital Association and the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems. It is licensed by the State of Vermont Department of Health and is certified by the Department of Health and Human Services as a provider under the Medicare program.

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  • Your services suck. My husband went to for help being in severe pain, and the dr. was more interested in his drinking.He drinks cause of the pain. He has contrast dye poisoning from a cocktail of dyes,Gadolinium and Omnipaque 360, he wasn't suppose to have the barium drinks...he is full of lead pellets! He is dying from this, 4 years now, and ALL you healthcare workers do nothing! He went to so many of you, He was deliberately poisoned by his FNP, it was in his medical records that contrast dyes are not used, they are toxic to him, she ignored that and ordered them, he had a severe reaction,12-24-2018,he went to see her after and she spent 2 years denying he had a reaction, then admitted he did.He was never treated. He is dying!!! His organs are failing him, coughing up his lungs, We all saw after he came home from 12-24-18,he was very sick, vomited 44 straight days,7-8 times a day. Bloated up, looked like things moving under his skin, eyes bulged, couldn't blink. We all witnessed this, even a 40 year retired nurse was living here and saw this. Then at the end of his life no one listens and a lot of you 'professionals' knew yet did nothing. People need to know WHAT kind of health care they GET in this state!!! I'm not the only one, I've talked to a lot of people and found out a lot!

    • M. Tardif January 7, 2023 at 6:11 pm

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North Country Hospital

Wendy Franklin
189 Prouty Drive
Newport, VT 05855-9985
Phone: 802-334-4186
Toll Free: 800-750-7331
Fax: 802-334-3240

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189 Prouty Drive

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