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Titan Energy NE

East Hardwick, VT

Creative Energy Solutions

Titan Energy is an independent energy consulting firm, with in-depth knowledge of energy procurement, demand-side management and onsite generation services operating in all competitive markets throughout the United States. Titan Energy creates comprehensive energy management strategies backed by data to control and reduce energy costs.


Titan Energy helps Vermont organizations navigate installing EV-charging infrastructure for their guests, employees and tenants.

Vermont's state utilities have various incentive programs to encourage workplaces and businesses to install charging stations for public use. Titan Energy will guide your team through the best technology and connectivity for your location as well as guide you through the utility and federal incentive programs.


Titan makes it easier for organizations to access renewable energy and achieve energy savings at their buildings.

Titan offers renewable energy expertise at your fingertips. The Titan approach is designed to provide on-call expertise to help businesses create and execute a site-specific renewable engery plan free from frustration and confusion. We work on your behalf to ensure the finished product is crafted to meet your unique needs.

For some the right decision may be to make the investment and operate the system independently. For others, third-party ownership may be the more attractive option. Our team of dedicated finance professionals will help you understand your options and set the right course.

When the project is complete and energy begins to flow, Titan stands by you with the tools and experience needed to accurately quantify the environmental and financial benefits of your new system. Track your progress, count your savings.

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