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American Society of Dowsers Headquarters & Bookstore

Danville, VT

The American Society of Dowsers was founded in 1961 in Danville to support and promote the practice of dowsing in America - water witching, the discovery of lost articles or persons, and related para-psychological phenomena, development of its skills, and recognition for its achievements. 

Our national headquarters is a hidden gem in the Northeast Kingdom, housing a metaphysical bookstore with over 2,500 unique titles. There is a walking labyrinth in our backyard to enjoy and free wifi for patrons or members.  Want to learn more about dowsing?  Check us out!

The American Society of Dowsers, Inc. is a scientific and educational non-profit organization whose mission is “to support, encourage and promote dowsing and dowsers in a manner consistent with the highest standards of personal integrity and behavior; to provide dowsing education and training to dowsers and non-dowsers alike to bring them to a level of proficiency they are comfortable with; to promote and foster communication and fellowship among all persons in any way interested in dowsing.”

Dowsing Theories –  disseminate knowledge of dowsing.... That was the idea behind creating the American Society of Dowsers. We started out with nearly 100 charter members who were mainly water dowsers, more than 60 years later we have hundreds of members around the world that can dowse for almost anything.

Research Led – American Society of Dowsers is led by the research of dowsing theories and techniques.

Members of the American Society of Dowsers make up the largest organized body of dowsers in the world. ASD is also home to many of the United States’ most skilled dowsers, ranging from water dowsers to seekers of minerals and lost objects, energetic dowsers, esoteric dowsers, and a great deal more.

The American Society of Dowsers offers a multitude of dowsing products and services.

Digital Journal – The society issues the American Dowser, a quarterly publication in print since 1964.

Annual Convention – The American Society of Dowsers holds an annual convention as well as regional conferences and local chapter events throughout the year.

Online Bookstore – We offer a wide variety of dowsing products ranging from dowsing rods, pendulums, audio, video, books and gifts.

Memberships – Join American Society of Dowsers and our network.

Education – Articles, Videos and other Resources.

Dowser Directory – Find a Dowser near you.


  • Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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American Society of Dowsers Headquarters & Bookstore

Sandi Isgrow
184 Brainerd Street, P.O. Box 24
Danville, VT 05828
Phone: 802-684-3417
Fax: 802-684-2565

184 Brainerd Street

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