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Staples Business Advantage Savings Office-Supplies Plan

Since 2011, the Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Staples Business Advantage/ Corporate Division to provide a very aggressive savings program, free of charge, for our chamber members. New accounts are created for Northeast Kingdom Chamber members, and with this account, you will be able to receive our pre-negotiated corporate pricing – giving you discounts and consistent savings on the supplies you need the most. Average savings for the discounted items are 43 percent!


  • Ensures the lowest price on the items you order the most, reducing your office supply costs.
  • Convenient online ordering through
  • Streamlined billing and pricing.
  • Dedicated customer-service team.
  • Fast delivery.

This new program has more to offer than just basic office supplies. The Staples Business Advantage program includes value-added services such as janitorial supplies and furniture, as well as detailed reporting functions to help control costs.

Here is an overview of a few important items regarding this program:

  • Ordering - Orders can be placed via the Internet using There are many helpful functions to meet everyone’s needs on the Staples business website. The Staples Account Management Team will assist in the initial training and rollout to allow for a smooth transition. There is still the ability to phone or fax orders with Staples Advantage if needed.
  • Staples Advantage Cards – As a Staples Advantage member, you will receive a credit card that can be used when purchasing items in Staples stores. This may help further any discounts on items within the stores that may not be listed on the Staples discount quote list.
  • Delivery - In most cases, delivery will be next day, via a Staples courier and, in some cases, UPS. Furniture delivery is specified on the website.
  • Invoicing - This is a net 30-day term account, and everything is invoiced on a weekly basis. Monthly summaries are available to make things easy.
  • Catalogs - Please use only the catalogs included in your welcome kit. The only catalogs you should be using say “Staples Advantage” on the cover. If you have other catalogs, please discard these since they are not part of the corporate program. There is also a full catalog located online.
  • Product Selection - If there are any items you cannot find, call either your account manager or the Staples Customer Service Department to assist you. You will be provided with contact information in your Welcome Kit.

While Staples Advantage quotes discounts for the 100 most-used items, there is also an opportunity to place orders and receive discounts for other items you might use in your office, such as toners. Please talk with your account representative about these discount savings.

You must be a member of the Northeast Kingdom Chamber to participate in this program.

Dan Sanchez, Account Manager
Staples Business Advantage
Tel: 888-224-3784. Ext: 4140  Fax: 800-501-7658

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