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Between The Trees Farm

Lowell, VT

Cow in field

We are a small farm dedicated to growing sustainable pasture-raised pork & piglets, grassfed raw milk and teaching homesteading-skills classes. Grown in Vermont. Better for you, better for the land.

There are now so many people who struggle with health problems like irritable bowel, eczema, auto-immune disease, attention problems, sleep disorders, asthma and various other ailments who are sick of taking medicine for their problems.

These people hope there is a natural cure, that maybe if they can cut out all the bad food and replace it with some good food, hopefully that will help. Let me assure you, it helps. Good health starts in the gut. 

​Hi, I'm Hilary Elmer, from Between The Trees Farm. Like most people, I grew up eating junk food. By the time I was in my early 30s and I'd had two kids, my body was deteriorating. Fast. Even worse, both of my kids had health issues. I started cutting things out of our diet and went through this stage where it seemed like there wasn't anything we could eat without it making us sick, including grains, store-bought meat and processed dairy.

At the same time, I was starting to raise animals for milk and meat. I couldn't believe what a difference diet made to my animals' health. In the early days of feeding goats hay and grain, the moms were exhausted after birth and the kids were so weak I had to help them nurse. My does got mastitis and hoof rot all the time. When I switched their diet to nutrient-dense fresh pasture and veggies, at birthing time the moms and babies were up on their feet. They thrived instead of barely surviving. No more mastitis and hoof rot.

I saw that diet really matters. And I wondered how much different the quality of the milk from my goats would be for me as a consumer from when they were under-nourished compared to when they were well-nourished. It certainly made a difference to their kids. Not all milk is created equal.

That started me on a journey to find the optimal, natural diet for my animals rather than what conventional farmers feed. Today, this means grass-fed cows and forage based, soy-free grain supplemented pigs. The vibrant health of my animals is a testament to the importance of a diet full of good nutrition.

​Years later, I am happy to say that YES, there is food that my family can eat. I grow it here on my farm. Grass-fed raw milk. Pasture raised pork. We eat it and we love it.... and you will, too.

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