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NFP Property & Casualty

St. Johnsbury, VT

NFP - Poulos Insurance, Inc. was established in 1919. Since that time, the agency has been a leader in providing consumer insurance in Vermont and Northern New Hampshire. NFP - Poulos has always maintained the position of being a consumer advocate in the issuance of a complete line of insurance products. The agency's philosophy is to represent the finest insurance companies available in the industry. Companies that provide the highest quality of protection at the least available cost.

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NFP Property & Casualty

Daniel P. Lussier
723 Concord Avenue, P.O. Box 4509
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Phone: 802-748-1200
Toll Free: 800-639-1908
Fax: 802-748-1208

723 Concord Avenue

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